April 29, 2012

Stock Whips

Leather whips will always need maintenance. Here are a few tips to make your whip last longer, first of all never let your whip dry out. Put leather dressing on it occasionally, leather whips do not take kindly to water so try and keep your whip dry. If you do get it wet then dry it out as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

Whips are not designed to be whacked on rough or sharp surfaces, so keep your whip away from anything like that. Always try to crack your whip on lawns, grassed paddocks, carpets or keep your whip off the ground. Do not put your whip in the sun for long periods of time. Store your whip, loosely wound, on a flat surface or hang it up as close to the keeper as possible, do not kink or wind your whip to tight.

The keeper should be nice and tight, find out how to adjust the keeper. The fall should not get shorter than 350mm long, find out how to replace a fall. Crack a whip only if there is a cracker on it, find out how to make a cracker and how to put a new cracker on. If one of the strands brake just behind the fall hitch, stop cracking the whip and fix up the hitch, find out how to tie a new hitch. Oil the wood on the handle with linseed oil or leather dressing at least once a year to stop the wood from splintering.